How to replace FHD screen to WQHD screen on Lenovo ThinkPad T490

In August of this year, I bought this Thinkpad T490, which brought a 14.0 FHD screen with a 45% NTSC color gamut. After using it for two months, I decided to replace it with a WQHD screen. After consulting Lenovo customer service, I learned that 490 could install B140QAN02.0, FRU: 00NY679.

I didn’t find a trusted seller on eBay, so I searched and found on google, After placing an order for four days, I received this LCD screen, which looks perfect.

I have not had experience in replacing the LCD screen before. Fortunately, Lenovo’s customer service suggested that I download the T490 hardware maintenance manual. This manual contains the specific method of replacing the LCD screen, which gave me a lot of help.

1. The first step is to turn on the laptop, then enter bios, disable the internal battery, and save the settings.
2. Shut down and disconnect the power adapter.
3. Remove all screws that secure the bottom cover and slowly pry open the bottom cover with an old credit card or thin plastic sheet.
4. The next step is divided into important, disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.
5. Then close the notebook, insert the plastic sheet under the LCD B sheet, then slide the sheet to remove the entire LCD B sheet.
6. Then open the LCD bezel with your fingernails, release LCD bezel from the left and upward.
7. Place the LCD screen on the keyboard, and now you can access the LCD cable.
8. Uncover the transparent tape and disconnect the LCD cable from the LCD screen.
9. The LCD screen can now be completely removed.
10. Then install the WQHD screen to the notebook by flashback

It is important to note that you need to turn it on first to make sure the LCD screen is working properly. Install other accessories on your notebook.